quem somos

Our office Works with Legal Advice and Law Practice. We exist for over 30 years, in individual practice of our founder and as a Law Firm.
We have preserved the independency, responsability and loyalty spirit since the very beginning.
With a team which have been chosen carefully, and who always follow the firm values, all the team members look for an effective way of solving your problems.
Our firm is known for achieve the results based on a personal relation with the clients, and to always have our clients up to date with the personal questions and other problems.
We have a few clients since the very beginning of the law practice of our founder, for over 30 years.
We have partnerships in all countries of the EU, and in all the Portuguese speaking countries : Angola, Brasil, Moçambique, Guiné, Cabo-Verde e Macau.
Our areas of expertise goes from the business advice to arbitration.